These are some general guidelines for the workshops’ skill level:
All Levels

These workshops cover fundamental tango elements and are suitable for everyone who has a basic knowledge and understanding of tango as well as for those who wish to improve their technique.

Intermediate (minimum 1 year of experience)

The Intermediate workshops cover a wide range of experience levels. You should have a reasonable level of technical understanding of tango and a good repertoire of steps.

Intermediate/Advanced (minimum 3 years of experience)

The Intermediate/Advanced workshops are intended for more experienced dancers, who are able to incorporate various elements in their dance. Workshops of this level will focus on different elements and new ways of putting these elements together.

Advanced (minimum 5 years of experience)

The Advanced level workshops are intended for very advanced social dancers. It is assumed that you have a very high level of skill and will not slow down the class or partner. The main focus is on creativity and improvisation.