Organizing Team

Christos Shakallis

Christos is running the biggest dance school in Cyprus with more than 5 studio locations across Nicosia. He has been dancing since the age of 4 and with his sister Elena they have organized and executed many classes, events, and performances throughout the calendar year. They have won a number of awards, both nationally and abroad, and have also represented Cyprus on numerous international dance festivals. They have both attended dance congresses abroad for holidays but also as teachers and performers. Christos is very influential in the Cyprus Dance Scene not only because of the number of his students and his deep knowledge of the dance history of Cyprus, but also because of the cultural impact of the Shakallis Dance School the last 30 years. Christos leads the Cyprus Tango Meeting team and takes care a little bit of everything.

Michalis Pantelides

Michalis, a violin maker in profession, is an active member of the Cypriot Tango community for more than 10 years. He has been teaching and organizing Tango events since 2009 and his passion for Tango make him travel all over the world. In 2014 the warm colour sound of bandoneon and the absence of a Tango Orchestra in Cyprus, intricate him to start learning bandoneon and in 2017 to form the first stable Tango Orchestra on the island. His Tango experience and the interaction with the other members of Cyprus Tango Meeting’s team made fissile his idea for an international level Tango festival in Cyprus.

Georgina Heracleous

Georgina attended classical ballet classes from a very young age and has participated in various dance events. Although a classics graduate, dancing has always been her passion and has played an important role in her life. She has explored different styles of dance through the years (latin, modern, traditional) but the elegance, the mystery and sensitivity that Tango encloses won her heart. She has attended many Tango festivals around the world and had the opportunity to attend seminars of renowned Tango Maestros. She has shared her passion and enthusiasm for Tango by teaching the discipline for several years and has organized many Tango events. She is also a founder member of “TangoCult” Cyprus Tango Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and growth of the Argentinean Tango in Cyprus.

The “Cyprus Tango Meeting” is a result of the Tango community’s need to have both a national and international major event, in which all Tango lovers would come together in a celebration of their passion and would be able to meet and learn from the top professionals of this art, but also enjoy them on stage. Taking this into account, together with the other team members, Georgina decided to undertake this ambitious project, which has become an important milestone and has put Cyprus on the international Tango map.

She is an active member of the Cyprus Tango Community and her vision is to inspire more enthusiasts with Tango’s philosophy and culture as a way of expression, entertainment, a way of exchanging ideas and as a means of intercultural communication.

George Odysseos

George begun dancing lessons at 5 at Shakallis dance school and has not stopped since then as this is his true passion. He dances from traditional folkore and greek dances to latin american, ballroom & club dance, as well as flamenco and Argentine Tango, following the IDTA examination system successfully for over 10 years. George's professional background is in Business Management and Marketing and has worked for several companies at executive and managerial positions with the last years being in the Real Estate. He is now freelance consultant in his field and enjoys his other passion: travelling around the world. He has attended numerous International dance events and still occasionally performs with Shakallis Latin & Greek dance professionals team. George brings a lot of deep knowledge of marketing, financial planning and strategy skills to the team. and oversees the venue operations as well he is in charge of quality control and planning within the Tango Meeting team.